IGCSE 2016 Top Achievers

Mophato high school


Mophato high school
  • MOPHATO HIGH SCHOOL enrolled the 1st class of students at Form One level in January, 2010.
  • The school does not screen students according to academic ability hence all classes are of mixed academic ability.
  • Students sit the Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) examinations after a 4-year study so in 2013, the Pioneer Class took their public examinations.
  • Below are some of the Top Achievers from that class and subsequent classes :
Ndubano saifullah fahim

Ndubano saifullah fahim7A*s, 1A, 1B 48 points

Motlaleselelo Jennifer Valerie

Motlaleselelo Jennifer Valerie7A*s, 1B 48 points

Sinombe kabo

Sinombe Kabo3A*s, 4As, 2Bs 48 points


Moiteelasilo Julian tracy3A*, 3As, 1B, 1C 48 points

Keifas Katlo Nicol

Keifas Katlo Nicol2A*s, 5As, 2Bs 48 points

Nyathi Ludo Nomathemba

Nyathi Ludo Nomathemba2A*, 5As, 2Bs 48 points

Sulumbu steven robert

Sulumbu steven robert6As, 2Bs, 1C 48 points

Magunde Clalissa Rutendo Rumbidzai

Magunde C. R. Rumbidzai1A*, 3As, 3Bs, 1C 46 points

Moloi Caron Merapelo

Moloi Caron Merapelo1A*, 3As, 3Bs, 2Cs 46 points

Munkondya Sekeela

Munkondya Sekeela4As, 3Bs, 1C 46 points

Bareki Phenyo Mosala

Bareki Phenyo Mosala4As, 3Bs, 1C 46 points

Mahama Wangu Kose

Mahama Wangu Kose1A*, 2As, 5Bs 45 points

Modo Tsholofelo Chabo

Modo T. Chabo3As, 3Bs, 2C 45 points

Pule Kebonye pearl

Pule Kebonye pearl3As, 3Bs, 2Cs 45 points

Ketlhaotswe Kegopotse Monkie

Ketlhaotswe K. Monkie3A*s, 2Bs, 3Cs 44 points

Nleya Monthati

Nleya Monthati1A*, 2As, 2Bs, 2Cs 44 points

Italy Nonofo Onkemetse

Italy N. Onkemetse3As, 2Bs, 1C 44 points

Joni Joni Tinashe

Joni Joni Tinashe2As, 4Bs, 2Cs 44 points

Masesane Ndibo

Masesane Ndibo2As, 4Bs, 2Cs 44 points

Pheko Phatsimo

Pheko Phatsimo2A*s, 1A, 1B, 5Cs 43 points

Ratshipa Boipelo Pearl

Ratshipa Boipelo Pearl2As, 3Bs, 2Cs 43 points

Tlhatlhanyang Mbakiso Thabiso

Tlhatlhanyang M. Thabiso1A, 5Bs, 2Cs 43 points

Furusa Rudo

Furusa Rudo1A, 5Bs, 2Cs 43 points

Mutapanduwa Kundai Walter

Mutapanduwa K. Walter1A*, 4Bs, 2Cs 42 points

Rankae Jeoffrey Ontiretse

Rankae J. Ontiretse2As, 2Bs, 3Cs 42 points

Patson Palesa Aumakie

Patson P. Aumakie1A, 3Bs, 2Cs 41 points

Siska King Thabo

Siska King Thabo1A, 2Bs, 5Cs 40 points

Bonang Junior Shaun Godfrey

Bonang J. S. Godfrey4Bs, 3Cs 40 points

Strauss Andy Junior Hakim

Strauss A. J. Hakim4Bs, 2Cs 40 points