Sports kit

Sports kit

Sports Codes and Equipment

A. The main school sports kit (The general Kit )

1. Predominantly white golf shirt with bottle green variations (with the school logo)

2. Bottle green shorts with the school logo

3. White sports shoes and plain white socks

4. Bottle green round hat with the school logo.


1. Swimming costume and trunks for boys (bottle green or black)

2. Swimming cap (colours as above)

3. Drying towel

4. Flip flops are optional


1. School sports kit (as above)

2.  Bottle green track suit (for cold days)

3. Sprinter’s spikes (optional)


1. Racquet (school provides)   Pupils can opt to bring personal racquets

2. Balls are provided by the school


1. Bats and balls

2. Box

3. Batman’s pads and helmet (school provides all the equipment for this discipline)


1. Sheen guards

2. Hockey sticks (personal sticks are allowed)

3. Balls


1. Soccer boots (personal)

2. Socks and sheen guards (school provides)

3. Goalkeeper’s gloves (school provides)


1. School sports kit

2. Bibs (school provides)


1. Racquets (school provides)

2. Shuttle corks