Wellness and Safety Program


Mophato pursues a health awareness programme for the parents, staff, children and our community. We have various doctors in different areas of expertise and fitness instructors who come in once a year to check and instruct us on health and wellness issues. We takepride in setting the stage for healthy living. A healthy body optimises a healthy mind! It is a holistic approach to maximise the physical, spiritual, mental and social wellbeing.

We also have a Litter Campaign Programme to conscientise our children to the dangers of litter, in their communities and join the world in cleaning up our litter messed planet.  Starting with the children is the right way to go because they will grow up appreciating the need of living in clean environment and enjoy the benefits of a litter free world.


Safety is highly prioritised at Mophato Private School. We endeavour to create a safe environment for everyone including those who come into our premises. A 24 –hour reputable security company ensures total peace of mind within theschool.

We have a Crime Prevention programme that is done with guidancefrom the Botswana Police Service Department. It is meant to equip our children with an awareness of the social scourges that are threatening to destroy our youths. We take pride in helping our children and those around us to be on guard.